Who is the ‘concerned’ PIO to whom an application should be filed?

The RTI Act requires that an applicant should address the application to the PIO of the ‘concerned’ public authority. Ordinarily, the applicant knows where the required information is available and should contact the relevant office, ascertain who the relevant PIO is and file the request. A citizen may wrongly apply to a PIO believing that the information sought by him would be available with the public authority to which he has addressed the application. In such a situation, the PIO receiving the application should transfer the application to the concerned PIO.

If an application is submitted to a PIO with whom the information is not available but the information is available with another officer within the same Public Authority, the PIO is duty bound to get the same from the concerned officer in the public authority and supply the same to the applicant. If the information pertains to some other public authority, the PIO is required to transfer the application to such public authority within five days of the receipt of the application under intimation to the applicant.