What do we do?

  • Awareness Sessions: Because of the experiences that we have gone through, we have been able to give very meaningful, practical and effective Awareness and training sessions to ordinary citizens, public authorities, Government departments, schools, colleges as well as employees of Public Sector undertakings like Mazagaon Dock Ltd, MHADA, MbPT, CIDCO, MTNL, Maharashtra Sales Tax office,RCF etc and even Private Corporates. We have been giving sessions of the Act in Mumbai municipal Wards. All these have been well accepted and appreciated by the public authorities.

  • Training: As some of us are certified by Yashada, we have trained the employees and Public Information Officers of some Public Authorities in proper implementation of Right to Information Act, so that  people at large are given the right information in the mandated time.

  • RTI Clinics: We have also trained people who are running RTI clinics or help desks at various places in the city of Mumbai to assist RTI users. RTI Campaigns: We conduct Mass Awareness Campaigns on RTI (2 to 3 days), some of them at various Stations on the Western Railway, Brihan Mumbai Mahanagar Palika and at public areas like parks, Churches etc. which have been very useful to citizens. Till now, these Mass Awareness Campaigns have reached as many as 7,00,000 people.

Some of our Achievements:

  • Regular RTI awareness campaigns in Brinhan Mumbai Mahanagar Palika, Mumbai
  • Awareness about RTI through street show campaigns.
  • Drive Against Bribe Campaign in 2006
  • NO Amendments to RTI movement in 2012-13
  • Stop Crawford Market Development in cahoots with developers
  • Pendency Ghatao RTI Bachao campaign to address delays at Information Commission
  • Convened RTI Convention 2014 in June 2014 in which 400 participated from 15 States of India. It was the largest such gathering of RTI users and Public Authority representatives in the country
  • PAN India RTI Awareness campaigns in the Engineering Institutes on behalf of NCPRI and in collaboration with IIT-Techfest
  • Organized Inter-active meetings of civil society representatives with the Information Commission.
  • Assisted the Maharashtra State Information Commission in organising Mass Disposal of Second Appeals.

Our successful Initiatives:

  • MAM played the role of a catalyst in convincing the Brihan Mumbai Mahanagar Palika to set up a Right to Information –Technical Advisory Committee, of which our convenor Mr. Bhaskar Prabhu is a member.
  • Due to our intervention through RTI state has been directed by State Chief information Commissioner to form an institutionalized mechanism on the lines of BMC RTI TAC so that there is a continuos dialogue between citizens and state for proper implementation of RTI Act.
  • MAM formed SALT (Social Audit Local Team) at Ward level to conduct Social Audit Of Works done by Public Authorities, a first of its kind initiative in urban areas.
  • We are successful in convincing Department of Civics and Politics, University of Mumbai to start a RTI course and our convener is a part of syllabus committee as a member.

Our future plans:

  • RTI Mobile Empowerment Van – To purchase vehicle and modify it for using in Awareness Campaigns and Meetings at various locations in the city and suburban areas specially slums, bastis, colonies, at the disadvantaged communities areas etc
  • MAM Office – To establish an office with minimum trained staff and interns for follow up work, documentation, etc.