How should an appellant file the second appeal before the Information Commission?

In respect of Central Information Commission, the procedure to be adopted has been prescribed under the CIC (Appeal Procedure) Rules, 2005. Similarly, the procedure followed by State Information Commissions is governed by the Rules notified by the respective State Governments in this regard.

An appeal to the CIC should contain the following information:-

(i)  Name and address of the appellant;

(ii) Name and address of the CPIO against the decision of whom the appeal is preferred;

(iii) Particulars of the order including number, if any, against which the appeal is preferred;

(iv) Brief facts leading to the appeal

(v) If the appeal is preferred against deemed refusal, the particulars of the application, including number and date and name and address of the CPIO to whom the application was made;

(vi) Prayer or relief sought;

(vii) Grounds for the prayer or relief;

(viii) Verification by the appellant; and

(ix) Any other information which the Commission may deem necessary for deciding the appeal.

An appellant should enclose the following documents with the appeal:-

(i) self-attested copies of the Orders or documents against which the appeal is being preferred;

(ii) copies of documents relied upon by the appellant and referred to in the appeal; and

(iii) an index of the documents referred to in the appeal.