Be a Donors/Sponsors


Why we need Donors or Sponsors?

We have been sustainable till now with voluntary contributions from friends and supporting NGOs, to meet our minimum expenses of stationery, photocopying, banners, campaign costs, meeting expenses, space hire charges, honorariums, etc. This limited our growth. In order to fund our future plans we need donors or sponsors.

How can you help?

  • You can fund any one or more of our campaigns
  • You can sponsor an event
  • You can donate towards the purchase of an asset
  • You can underwrite the salaries of one staff member
  • You can sponsor the printing of our literature
  • You can be a regular donor
  • You can consider being a regular ongoing supporter by sponsoring the vehicle’s ongoing recurring cost/expenses for a day/month/ quarter/year. We could provide you the details if you are willing.
  • You can fulfill your CSR duties by funding our noble cause
  • You can forward this appeal to any of your friends or well-wishers with a request to assist us.

Any payment instruments can be drawn on our parent trust

“F-Southward Citizens Forum.”

Bank: The Greater Bombay Coop Bank Ltd.

Dadar Branch, Naoroji House, M.M.G.S Marg,

S/B Account: 10205019357    IFSC: GBCB 0000004